Standard Operating Procedures

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SOP Sampele 2 by Vancouver Technical Writer Karen RempelTools used: Microsoft Office, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo, XATA

This project involved writing standard operating procedures for the delivery drivers for a multinational food distribution company. I worked with a management team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across Canada to define best practices and to document procedures for every step of the delivery process, from checking the truck to providing exceptional customer service. This initiative was part of the company’s Standard Operating Excellence (SOE) program, and has resulted in reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction and sales.

In consultation with the Vice President of SOE, I designed and formatted the handbook of operating guidelines, and edited the content provided by the SMEs. The final handbook was 191 pages, delivered online as a PDF via desktops and tablets. The handbook was used to train over 1,000 drivers across Canada. I also checked and formatted the French translation, and wrote original French content.

A second stage of the project involved creating a Recertification and Audit handbook to track the training program. I also helped the head office develop an SOP template for use by finance and other departments across Canada.

SOP Sample 1

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Able Irrigation Winter Shut-Down ProcedureTools used: Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign

This project involved writing standard operating procedures and guidelines for an irrigation company, capturing decades of knowledge and expertise through interviewing the owners of the company. I also edited the company website and helped the company expand their use of social media.

Able Irrigation’s website provides PDF files for their clients containing basic information about starting up their irrigation systems in the spring and shutting them down in the winter. I edited these two documents to clarify and re-structure the procedures, and Doug McKinnon of Stride Graphics and Web Design did the document design and graphics:

Able Irrigation Spring Start-Up Procedure

Able Irrigation Winter Shut-Down Procedure