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Wide Range of Industry and Subject Matter Experience

  • banking and credit unions
  • computer software * client-server and network operations
  • telecommunications
  • construction * oil and gas * power generation
  • fashion * vintage clothing * retail sales
  • insurance * taxation * accounting
  • business operations * project management * libraries
  • health care
  • engineering and geoscience * irrigation * environmental remediation
  • food warehousing and delivery * quick service restaurants
  • automated manufacturing processes
Technical Writing Clients

My technical writing client list includes these fine international, US, and Canadian companies, past and present:

Executive Summary

Here is an executive summary highlighting the technical writing skills and experience that I bring to every writing project, whatever the industry and subject area:

  • Superior written and verbal skills
  • Participation in software development life cycle
  • Time management, problem solving, and analytical skills
  • Leadership, project management, and staff training
  • Writing for the web
  • Developing and following standards and guidelines
  • Information architecture and content management
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
Full Resume

My full resume includes the executive summary and gives additional details of the technical writing and related skills and experience I bring to my clients:

  • Computer experience
  • Writing and publishing experience
  • Business and administrative experience
  • Education
  • Service work

While I am based in New York, much of my technical writing experience has involved working with development teams located in multiple geographical regions in the US, Canada, and throughout the world, including Europe, India, and China.

STC Pacesetter Award
Pacesetter Award for Leadership in the Technical Writing Profession

I am a member of the New York Metro chapter of the STC. I was the president of the Society for Technical Communication Canada West Coast chapter for 2008-2009. It was a very vibrant and exciting year for the chapter, which had been faltering the year before due to lack of volunteers to keep things running. The year ended on a high note, with the chapter winning the STC Pacesetter Award for using technology to serve our members.

The chapter also won a Pacesetter Award in 2012 for its information interview service, an idea that I pioneered and that other chapters (including the New York Metro chapter) have emulated. For details see the chapter website.

Rahel Bailie, president of Intentional Design, said:

“I’ve worked with Karen as an STC volunteer for two terms, and both times she has shown a level of dedication and professionalism that is admirable. She revitalized the chapter during a time when, due to recession factors, volunteerism had dipped badly, and chapter operations were compromised. Karen stepped in, created a strategic plan, and socialized her vision throughout the membership. The crowning accolade was the chapter winning an award for creative use of technologies. Karen has shown herself to be a people person. Her leadership style shows how she values human relationships and works hard at ensuring that the volunteers are appreciated for their contributions.” Read more…

Service Work

I have also served as a volunteer on the editorial team of these and other highly regarded publications:

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