New York Technical Writer leads Super Shoreline Cleanup

East Van Pickers with trash
East Vancouver Pickers with 19 bags of trash

Yesterday I met with a group of friends—oddly enough, none of these bunch are technical writers—to participate in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Our group of 6 people picked up trash on a Vancouver shoreline for 2 hours and these are the amazing results:

  • 570 food wrappers
  • 1,074 takeout containers, cups, lids, bottles, cans, and utensils
  • 432 plastic bags and pieces of packaging
  • 1,120 pieces of tiny trash (1 inch or smaller)
  • 19 bags of trash (91 Kg or 200 lbs)
  • Additional furniture, construction waste, and large items totalled another 113 Kg or 250 lbs
  • Total items picked up: 3,592 pieces of trash
  • Total trail length cleaned up: 2.2 KM

For more details, see the full story on my BC Wilderness Visions blog. Thanks to my awesome friends for coming out on a Saturday morning to help make the world a more beautiful place.

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