Knowledge baseAs a New York-based technical writer (previously located in Vancouver, BC), I have been creating technical documentation since 1993. I have a diverse range of technical writing samples in my portfolio, including some great online help systems, printed books, and other materials that I can show you in person. This page provides an overview of online and printed documentation from several recent technical writing projects, as well as samples I have developed specifically for this website. Click the links to view the samples.

Portfolio Sample List
  • Standard Operating Procedures – Sample 1 reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction and sales; Sample 2 helped build customer goodwill.
  • Online Help and Quick Reference Guides – Sample 1 illustrates the use of DreamWeaver vs. MadCap Flare, Adobe InDesign vs. Microsoft Word; the documentation supported over 1,900 banking staff to use a new banking software system. Sample 2¬† integrated online help with a software implementation; the external software vendor bought this innovative methodology from my client.
  • Software Documentation Suite – Online Help, User’s Guide, Installation Guide – The software’s documentation set of over 20,000 online help files and a comprehensive manual set is a prime factor in clients’ choice of this modeling tool.
  • Online Knowledge Base – Uses Kentico CMS with Visio mindmaps and policy briefs to help staff understand and follow engineering licensing policy.
  • Published How-To Book – This Canadian bestseller has helped over 40,000 people.